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About Us

Örnek Tekstil is one of the leading textiles production companies in Turkey and has been in the textiles sector since 1972, with the business expertise and experience it has accumulated over the years. Our company, which has a production capacity of 3,5 million meters of fabrics per year, develops and produces Wool blend, Polyester/Viscose, Cotton blend and Linen blend qualities.


Our company is one of the first textile production companies in Turkey that managed to start exporting its qualities and has been exporting consistently since 2000. With an export rate of 75% of its total production, our company proudly exports its developments to many leading clothing brands and many other manufacturing companies; led by European countries overall. The remaining 25% of the total production is delivered to the domestic market clothing brands and manufacturing companies.

Always prioritizing customer satisfaction and sustainable quality at all stages, our company develops its own qualities based on the sector’s requirements and needs, fashionable looks, environmentally friendly and customer-friendly elements.


Years of Experience


Production Capacity


Export Rate

Product Range

Wool and Wool Blends
Polyester / Viscose